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I’m Glad You’re Here

What started as a small idea has turned into a versatile and convenient commodity (or accessory) that I am certain you will love.

QuickSleeves was created with women like you and me in mind. We are constantly on the go and juggle all the things, and in the busy moments of life, the smallest comforts and conveniences make all the difference. That’s why QuickSleeves was created.

Natacha Douglas

Meet Natacha

As a busy professional, I was constantly annoyed with having to carry a bulky jacket around with me to deal with the constant temperature changes as I went from the gym to outside to a chilly office setting. Plus, my jacket rarely if ever complimented the outfit I was wearing.

QuickSleeves solves this problem with versatility and convenience while allowing me to keep my style on point! It’s the first ever pouch-to-shrug accessory that conveniently fits into your purse or handbag and looks great with casual and dressy outfits. It’s comfortable, classy and with wrinkle-free fabric, which makes it the perfect on-the-go accessory.

Fuel Women’s Dreams

10% to Women’s Programs

As a woman of color and an immigrant to America, I wasn’t given the same advantages as my American and male colleagues. This has to change. To help, I will give 10% of our profits to women’s educational programs.

The Vision for QuickSleeves

To inspire women to blaze their own path.

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