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The ‘Must Have’ Accessory of 2023

QuickSleeves is the world’s first Pouch-to-Shrug fashion apparel designed to keep you WARM fashionably

Perfect for All Occasions

The first accessory that’s equal parts classy and convenient.

QuickSleeves - Women’s Pouch That Transforms into a Long Sleeve Open Front Bolero Shrug Cardigan Vest with Thumbholes

QuickSleeves Has It All.

High Quality. Huge Function.

What’s not to love? Natacha thought of everything when she thoughtfully designed this ‘must have’ piece.


No matter your size or the occasion, the stretchy nature of the QuickLuxe™ fabric and its buttery soft feel will make this your new favorite article of clothing.



With its all-inclusive design, QuickSleeves comes with a built-in carrying pouch to protect the garment from the elements and make it super easy to toss into your handbag. Bonus! You’ll never have to remember to grab a jacket in case it’s cold.


Pair QuickSleeves with your favorite cocktail dress and instantly look glam! It works well with bridal wear, prom attire and other “dress up” occasions.


Hot, cold, fancy, or casual, QuickSleeves has you covered. Literally. Toss it in your handbag just like your favorite lip gloss, and you will be ready for anything.

QuickSleeves - Women’s Pouch That Transforms into a Long Sleeve Open Front Bolero Shrug Cardigan Vest with Thumbholes

Wrinkle Free Guarantee!

QuickSleeves is made from a special QuickLuxe™ material that’s guaranteed to never wrinkle. The fabric uses a special blend of polyester and spandex to create a buttery soft feel that’s equal parts classy and convenient.

All This for just 



Patent-Pending Design

Quick Luxe™ Fabric


Wrinkle-Free Guarantee

Woman-Owned Business

Fuel Female Dreams

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Get inspo from our customers!

Word on the Street

QuickSleeves fits amazingly! I highly recommend buying two; I keep one in my purse at all times. Personally, I hand wash it with other delicate clothes and I would recommend hand washing this garment. Will be purchasing more for gifts in the future. I LOVE IT.

~ Amber W.

I needed QuickSleeves because I am regularly in different business establishments and I never know what the temperature will be. The transformation of the shrug into a pouch is very clever because it protects the shrug, makes it more compact, and makes it easier to carry with hardly a wrinkle.

~ Stephanie H.

Wow, very good quality and well made. The arms are very long, which is fantastic for me. The thumbhole is perfect for colder weather. I can’t wait to wear this at my cocktail party. Great Buy. I’ll post again after I’ve washed it.

~ Jenna B.

New Slide

QuickSleeves is a solution for me, and it is worth the money because it is also well made. I love wearing it with different outfits, casual or party. It keeps me warm and it covers me when I’m in a conservative environment where I don’t want to show my shoulders/skin.

~Lisa M.

New Slide

I used QuickSleeves during a family trip to Disney World. It was seriously a life saver. The days were pretty hot, but the night cooled down a ton, so being able to carry this small pouch in my backpack rather than carrying a bulky jacky made things so much easier. I’m buying another to keep in my work bag.

~Kayla L.

Meet Natacha, Creator of QuickSleeves

Natacha was tired of being cold everywhere she went and wanted a fashionable item to keep up with her busy, on-the-go lifestyle. 

So she created one.

Natacha put her passion and drive into high gear to form relationships with manufacturers who could bring her vision to life. After nearly 3 years (to get QuickSleeves perfect for everyday wear), QuickSleeves became a reality. And now she wants other women to benefit.   

As the Vice President in a private University in St. Louis, MO, Natacha spends her days empowering college students to explore their passions and gain a quality education to create opportunities for their lives. 

Learn more about the vision for QuickSleeves.

Natacha Douglas

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